If you’ve ever experienced back and neck pain, chances are, someone would have recommended you see a chiropractor.

However, there’s also a high chance you would have been skeptical about getting chiropractic treatment, either because you don’t see it as a necessity or because you don’t really think it works.

As Singapore’s leading holistic chiropractic care clinic, our chiropractic professionals have encountered our fair share of skepticism in providing our services.

Thus, we’re here to challenge both perceptions—beginning with debunking some of the top myths about chiropractors and chiropractic care. Let’s start!


So, what causes chiropractic myths to spread in the first place?

medical-doctorsMost myths about chiropractic come from the belief that it is pseudoscience. But this idea also comes from the many incorrect perceptions of chiropractic treatment.

Allow us to shed light on these long-held myths about chiropractic adjustments. Here are some of the most common ones:




Myth #1 – No need for chiropractic care if you are on pain medication.

pain-intensityFalse. Pain medication does not address the root cause of the pain and often just treats the symptom.

On the other hand, chiropractic care does both and does so holistically—it alleviates pain while targeting its root cause. It can also treat issues affecting the musculoskeletal system and nervous system, such as:

• acute neck pain
• chronic low back pain
• chronic whiplash syndrome
spinal pain
• chronic headaches
back-related leg pain


Myth #2 – Chiropractors are glorified wellness professionals and are not ‘real’ medical doctors.

spinal-manipulationFalse. While chiropractic doctors do not hold a medical degree, they graduate with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. And just like medical doctors, they are trained in chiropractic methods to assess, diagnose, treat, and refer patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.

The real difference between a medical doctor and a doctor of chiropractic is not the educational requirements or knowledge base; it is the philosophy and methods of working with the human body.

Training to become a chiropractor will take at least 4-5 years in university – learning about anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, nutrition, differential diagnosis, radiology, orthopaedic, neurology, functional management and, of course, extensive work in manual therapies.

Beyond that, there are many sub-speciality pathways and post-graduate diplomate programs available for those wishing to specialise in one particular area of expertise.

The time taken to graduate and become a Doctor of Chiropractor can vary among different countries to some degree, just as is true for medical doctors, dentists and other healthcare professions around the world.

In the US, becoming a licensed chiropractor usually involves a 4-year undergraduate degree, 3-5 years of chiropractic college, and clinical internships, totalling about eight years of higher education before becoming a licensed practitioner.


Myth No. 3 – Chiropractic care is only for the elderly.


False. Chiropractic treatments are safe and effective for all ages, including babies, children and pregnant people!

In fact, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends chiropractic care for babies with breastfeeding problems, reflux, colic, and movement issues, among other conditions.




Myth No. 4 – Chiropractic care does more harm than good.

spinal manipulative therapy2

False. In the hands of a licensed and experienced chiropractor, receiving chiropractic treatment is beneficial and never unsafe.

As with any form of treatment, each patient will respond differently to their treatment.

While some will leave the chiropractor’s clinic feeling reborn, others will experience side effects such as soreness, headaches, and other minor discomforts after their first few treatments.

These side effects are similar to how we will feel after going to the gym for the first few days; the body will be aching and sore.

When we make changes to our bodies, it is completely normal to feel a little discomfort afterwards.


Myth No. 5 – Chiropractic care is for life—once you start, you have to go forever.


False. Like other forms of complementary and noninvasive treatments, the number of sessions of your chiropractic treatment will depend on the care plan your chiropractor will have carefully customized for your unique needs.

There are, however, people who find it brings a huge benefit when they see a chiropractor for a wellness check-up once in a while.

As we still use our bodies every day, we are going to accumulate physical, biochemical and emotional stress daily. Chiropractic maintenance care helps people keep problems at bay and live their lives to their fullest.


Myth No. 6 – Chiropractic and Physiotherapy are the same.


False. Chiropractors specialize in treating conditions that affect the neuromusculoskeletal system, such as nerve pain, spinal alignment, joint issues, sciatica, neck and back pain, and whiplash-related conditions.

On the other hand, physiotherapists make use of exercise and rehabilitative programs and assistive devices to improve a patient’s mobility and balance, address muscle weakness, and reduce pain levels.



Myth No. 7 – Chiropractic care is expensive.


False. For one, ESC’s chiropractic treatment is affordable, making it accessible for more individuals seeking relief from their spinal and joint issues.

In general, the cost of getting chiropractic care depends on the severity of your case and your recommended chiropractic treatment plan.

Plenty of studies show that Chiropractic care yields similar outcomes to other forms of care (e.g. surgery, medications, physiotherapists etc.) at a much lower cost, lesser missed days of work and increased productivity.

When we compare the cost over some time, although individuals who receive Chiropractic care usually have a greater number of visits to their Doctor of Chiropractic than those who visit medical doctors, the cost of treatment and the workers’ compensation funds spent are much lower for those who visit a chiropractor.

Also, can you really put a price tag on it, considering how the treatment can eliminate your problem once and for all with little to low risk, unlike surgery and maintenance pain medication?


Myth No. 8 – Chiropractors just crack backs, and chiropractic treatment is only good for back pain.


False. Although it is an effective option, chiropractic care extends far beyond back pain relief and chiropractic adjustment.

Other neurological, musculoskeletal, and orthopaedic solutions that a chiropractor can provide include:

• ultrasound
• chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy
low-level laser therapy or cold laser therapy
electronic stimulation
• super inductive system
• soft tissue therapy
strengthening and conditioning exercises
• exercise and nutrition counselling
• postural testing and analysis


Myth No. 9 – Chiropractic adjustments are painful.


False. In fact, chiropractic adjustments are never painful, except when you are already in pain coming into the chiropractor’s office, or when the joints are inflamed and tender to touch.

The clicking, cracking, and popping sounds we associate during a session are not from bones’ cracking but are usually air bubbles being released from facet joints during spinal manipulation.

To ensure that your health and safety are prioritised during chiropractic sessions, make sure to pick a licensed provider like ESC.


It’s important to debunk myths as they form.


Compared to other alternative treatments out there, chiropractic care is not as well-known as, say, physical therapy. So it makes sense to have preconceived notions about it.

Unfortunately, these incorrect ideas can be harmful in the long run as they can discourage patients from considering chiropractic therapy and potentially benefitting from it.

Instead, patients may opt for more drastic and invasive procedures such as surgery or long-term maintenance in the form of pain medication.


Awareness about chiropractic care can work wonders. Try it for yourself with Elite Spine Centres!


Now with a clear view of what myths are out there about chiropractic care, we can all work together to empower more and more individuals to seek this safe and effective alternative.

Begin with your neighbours—tell your friends, family, and peers. Better yet, see how you can benefit from chiropractic care yourself so you can live life to the fullest.

ESC offers many chiropractic services for different conditions, and our chiropractors are well-trained in providing the right treatment. We have the expertise needed to gently provide chiropractic care to promote health and manage pain.

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