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As we grow old, most of us begin to experience back pain. Unless the pain is severe, we usually ignore the problem and hope it goes away.

But what if your back pain was a sign of something worse?

You may be dealing with a slipped disc if your pain seems to get worse or radiate towards other body parts.

A herniated disc is an increasingly common problem and one that you, a friend, or a loved one may have dealt with first-hand.

The condition can be so debilitating that many people would go under the knife to try and resolve it.

But did you know that a slipped or herniated disc can be successfully treated and rehabilitated with our chiropractic care at Elite Spine Centres?

No more back pain, sleepless nights or mobility issues!

Freedom from pain is just one appointment away.

Experience efficient pain relief from slipped disc while avoiding drugs or surgery with the Functional Correction Method (FCM)!

Chiropractic treatment is a conservative approach to relieving symptoms associated with slipped discs without the side effects that generally come with medication!

The specifics of your slipped disc treatment plan will be based on factors like age, level of pain, duration of symptoms, weight, medical history, and overall health.

Your treatment must be tailored to your needs and concerns to tackle your disc problems and boost spinal health effectively.

Rest assured, at Elite Spine Centres, you will be in the best hands possible to direct your recovery and allow you to get back to living life to the fullest again!

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Our Signature Functional Correction Method (FCM)

Often, pain is the way your body shows you that something isn’t operating the way that it should be.

Let us bring you relief with our holistic, research-backed chiropractic treatments.

Our signature Functional Correction Method (FCM) combines the best in modern chiropractic techniques, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises to address your concerns thoroughly.

Elite Spine Team

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

At Elite Spine Centres, we firmly believe in creating a low-stress, patient-centric environment.

Our Doctor of Chiropractic will review your symptoms and health history in detail to understand better what may be causing your concerns.

We will work with you to address your symptoms and concerns, ensuring that you understand your condition before proceeding with treatment.

There will be no hard sales or excessively long treatment packages – we want to work with you, not against you!

Step 2 – Spine and Body Examination

A thorough physical exam and neurological and orthopaedic tests will be performed to assess your spine and other relevant areas for proper bio-mechanics, possible injuries or safety concerns.

To maximise the accuracy of our diagnosis, some of these tests may specifically target the discs’ nerves to address any nerve interference or whether your back pain stems from the lumbar spine.

Additionally, imaging such as an X-ray or MRI may be required to confirm your diagnosis and help tailor your treatment recommendations.

Most of our patients will be able to receive treatment on their first session once any potential safety concerns have been ruled out!

Elite Spine Team
Elite Spine Team

Step 3 – Doctor’s Report and Recommendations

The doctor will assess your response to the first session and review any studies which may have been requested (X-ray, MRI, etc.).

Based on the findings, a customised plan of action will be discussed with you to help you reach your treatment goals.

Compared to the typical approach of symptoms management via medication, doctors of chiropractic can deal with the problem right at the root.

In some extreme cases where you have a progressive loss of reflexes, sensation, muscle strength, and other unusual neurological findings, you will be referred to a medical specialist to determine if immediate surgery is necessary.

Step 4 – Holistic Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment usually involves spinal manipulation and non-surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD) to realign your body back to its natural state, increase the range of movement, prompting an influx of healing nutrients and hydration into the disc and improve blood flow to soft tissues.

If needed, advanced therapeutic technologies may be used to complement your healing.

Your comprehensive treatment plan will also involve personalised lifestyle advice and rehabilitative exercises to prevent your condition from recurring and restore proper long-term movement patterns and posture.

This means our patients can achieve more complete recovery in a shorter time with a reduced chance of relapse than at other centres!

Elite Spine Team
Spinal Decompression Image

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Hear What Our Patients Say

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Iv Iv
Iv Iv
My husband has been dealing with lower back pain for years. Did some research online and made an appointment with Elite. This was about 3 years ago, and my husband is still with Dr Michael. 🙂
Stella Amanda
Stella Amanda
I found out about Elite Spine Centres after struggling with neck and shoulder pain and migraines. I have never tried chiropractic before. I had my own doubts and concerns. But decided to give it a try anyway based on the good review from Google. From the first moment I reached out, the team has always been very helpful and friendly. I came with lots of questions about my condition as well as the chiropractic itself. Dr. Mike understood my concern. He patiently explained every time I have questions, about my progress and also any other symptoms/sensation that I noticed after starting treatment. At the initial process, he gave a gentler adjustment, until I was more accustomed to the experience. He even went the extra mile to provide me with resources to help me exercise/train my shoulder. The comprehensive treatment, stretches and exercises given to me helped my symptoms a lot. They haven't completely gone away as this is a long process. But I haven't taken any painkiller again since then. Overall, great experience. I've even recommended this place to friends are experiencing similar issues. Thank you Dr. Mike and team 🙂
Ks Chia
Ks Chia
Very professional and caring team. Mum’s spinal issue improved after trying all sorts of therapy elsewhere. Knee problem has always been an issue too and i have seen great improvement.
Since am working in healthcare industry for 30+ years, rarely I will comment on medical treatments & Outcomes due to lot of unknown factors. However, this time I felt compelled to write this review for sharing my personal experiences with Dr Mike and his professionally trained team from Elite Spine Care centre. First, up all I have had a pleasant treatment and impressed with customized therapy and clinical services provided over 16 sessions at timely manner. They never acted like they didn’t have time for me. I received extensive help at any time from Dr Mike and all clinical and admin staffs, which I really appreciated. Since am in Technology side, my job required extensive work on IT systems, cause of that end of the day I used to have severe pain on my right neck, right shoulder and right leg. I got this pain from late 2015 when I attempted to lift a heavy object Since then I had a weaving Scapula on right shoulder & radiating pain on right neck and arm. I had numerous number of consultations with Ortho and spine specialists, MRI and CT studies and Physiotherapy sessions start from 2015. However, pain had increased steeply and even led to muscle loss on my right arm and shoulder joints. I could not bear the pain and decided to search for alternate treatments such as Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese massage, accupuncture, etc at various places. By God’s, grace one of my friend introduced Dr Mike and intially signed up for 16 sessions at discounted and offordable price I would like to say what a positive experience I had with Dr Mike and his team. They explained everything to me and made every visit more comfortable and worry free. After 4 sessions, I have realised the benefits and now I do not have much pain and recovering from muscle loss and scapula weaving. I have planned to extend the treatment for another 1 year for stabilise the condition. Right now am looking forward to have regular session with Dr Mike and his team. Once again my sincere thanks to Dr Mike, his therapists and all Clinical and administrative staffs for the respect and care that you have showed me. You are always very special people in my heart
Muhd Hidayat
Muhd Hidayat
Dr Mike and the Elite Gang have been amazing hosts in my chiropractic journey. Dr Mike often emphasises that chiropractic isn't a one-day miracle cure. Chiropractic is about the re-introduction of movements in which the body has not utilised and maintaining them. In the beginning, I was looking for a treatment that would help elevate the ache between my shoulder blades from physical activities. Dr Mike provided a fluid program which resulted in an improvement on my shoulder mobility and the ache reduced gradually. Eventually, my aim is to be more aware of my body structure and search for methods to improve muscle recovery after intense physical activities. Armed with skilled hands, new technology and a friendly, caring team, Elite Spine has provided me with an amazing care in my recovery and fine-tuning of my body. Thanks ya'lls!!
Xin Yu Chua
Xin Yu Chua
I had severe aching from the lower back down to my feet, it was so bad that I absolutely needed a massage almost everyday. Just a few sessions at Elite Spine made a huge difference and I could now walk/ stand for a long time and run abit without experiencing much soreness. Sleep quality also improved. I also like that there were home stretches recommended to improve condition and body posture. Doctors and staff there were very friendly, I could bring my toddler with me when needed. A tremendous improvement in quality of life, thank you!
Henry Loh
Henry Loh
I am very thankful that my son, Ryan, also client there, recommended me to Elite Spine Centre. I have undergo the treatment for my lumbar stenosis for slightly more than a month & I am able to stand & walk longer with much lesser pain. Dr Mike & Dr Fraser, and the team are very friendly and professional in dealing with the treatment/ providing services. they provide valuable advice and they do NOT do hard selling. The treatment they provided is complete treatment for the whole body spine with different type of treatments that tailor to your issues. Thank you very much.. Henry Loh
I am very thankful that I have came across this Chiropractor Centre that I have undergo the treatment for my stiff neck and shoulder. I been through few chiropractor centres in Singapore and I would said that this centre that you do NOT want to miss. Dr mike and the team is very friendly and professional in dealing with the treatment/ providing services. they provide valuable advice and they do NOT do hard selling. The treatment they provided is complete treatment for the whole body spine with different type of treatments that tailor to your issues..
Edward Ng
Edward Ng
Elite Spine Centre is one of the best & most well-equipped chiropractic centre located in SG. Dr Mike is extremely professional & well versed in his field. Having a vast knowledge & experience, he is able to diagnose the root of the issue & work up a treatment plan aiming towards having a lasting recovery instead of just simply "cracking" a few bones to treat only the symptoms temporarily. The team of awesome ladies at Elite Spine Centre, ever friendly & approachable, is always there to ensure that the patient's treatment runs smoothly throughout the whole process. Most definitely recommend anyone seeking chiropractic treatment to visit Elite Spine Centre. Thank you Dr Mike & the awesome team of ladies at Elite Spine Centre 🤙🏾
Nastassja Conning
Nastassja Conning
Dr Mike and his team are just fantastic in every way. I’ve been to other chiro’s in the past and nothing compares to elite spinal centre! Dr Mike genuinely cares about what the issue is, how you’re feeling and the best way to get you better. Above this, his team are incredibly kind, caring and just make you feel at ease. Could not recommend them enough.

Learn More About Slipped Discs

We believe that it’s essential for every patient to understand their issues before proceeding with chiropractic care.

The more you know, the more you can tell us, and the better we can create a treatment strategy to manage your disc herniation!

What happens when a disc bulges?

First, let’s discuss briefly what makes up a spinal disc and what happens when it ‘slips.’

Spinal or intervertebral discs have three main components.

  • The annulus fibrosis: A multi-ring structure made of a relatively hard form of collagen. As the outermost layer, it provides shape and protection to the disc.
  • The nucleus pulposus: A relatively softer gel-like collagen. It gives the disc its cushion, serving as shock absorbers.
  • The endplates of the discs: Located at either end of a spinal disc, these help blend the discs into the vertebral bodies (bones).

A herniated disc occurs when some of the annular fibres have torn enough that the inner nucleus pushes outward to the back of the spine.

Herniated discs can occur at any part of the spine, but the mid to lower neck and the lumbar spine are the most common areas.

What causes a slipped disc?

Many reasons can cause herniated discs to happen. However, most herniated discs can be attributed to two common reasons.

A) Injuries that cause severe stress or trauma to the spine and surrounding tissues.


  • Whiplash
  • Landing hard on your back or tailbone
  • Back or sports injury

B) Poor biomechanics of the joints and tissues leading to accumulated stress over time.


  • Age. Herniated discs can occur at nearly any age, but the risk of accumulated stress and tissue damage increases with age.
  • Repetitive movements that cause stress to the discs (e.g. repeated lifting of large and heavy objects)
  • Specific health problems, such as obesity, where our spinal discs struggle to support the weight
  • Lifestyle habits such as poor posture and prolonged sitting

Most slipped-disc patients may first experience lower back pain in their 30s that can develop into disc herniation. In some cases, the relapse of the slipped discs can last until their 50s and above.

What are the symptoms of a slipped disc?

Herniated discs often manifest the following symptoms:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain and numbness (in one or both sides of the body)
  • Tingling or numbness in the shoulders, back, arms, legs, hands, or feet
  • Unexplained muscle weakness
  • Neck pain
  • Problems straightening the back
  • Sharp pain in the hips, legs, or buttocks
  • Pain that worsens when walking short distances or after prolonged sitting or standing


Not all people with herniated discs will have the same symptoms. In addition, the severity of the pain and symptoms experienced can vary from one person to another.

In addition, many people do not even know that they may be structurally predisposed to disc herniation. Sometimes, a herniated disc is only one wrong movement or minor injury away. However, once the disc has slipped, the above symptoms may manifest very strongly and rapidly.

What happens if you don’t treat a slipped disc?

Left untreated, a slipped disc can cause complications.


Frequently, a slipped disc presses against the spinal nerve roots as they exit the spine. One of the more common complications that arise from this is sciatica.

Sciatica is a group of symptoms defined by one-sided pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness that begins with lower back pain that spreads down the leg and foot. Sciatic pain has been described as sharp, stabbing, searing, or electric.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

While your spinal cord ends around your waist, a collection of lengthy nerve roots (cauda equna) continue down the spinal canal. In rare circumstances, a herniated disc can cut off nerve impulses to the cauda equina nerves in your lower back and legs.

You may lose control of your bowels or bladder if this happens.

Saddle Anaesthesia

In this scenario, the slipped disc causes pinched nerves, leading to reduced sensation in your inner thighs, back of your legs, and around your rectum.

Permanent Nerve Injury

Permanent nerve damage is one of the most severe side effects of disc degeneration. Pinched nerve roots in the spine can be irreversibly injured if not treated, resulting in chronic pain, weakness, and loss of feeling.

Experience the relief only Elite Spine Centres can bring today!

If you suspect you may have a herniated disc, book a consultation with our well-trained chiropractors today.

Treating slipped discs often involves a hybrid or combined approach which addresses the spine and spinal cord, as well as the mechanics and stability of the surrounding areas. We also help you modify your lifestyle in order to prevent the relapse of a herniated disc.

Elite Spine Centres combines the specific treatment of both the spine and surrounding tissues, so we can more thoroughly address your condition!

Before you know it, you can get moving and feeling like your old self again!