1. Know your pain

You can’t expect the doctors to immediately know the root cause of your problems.

Before you can find a good chiropractor, you should be able to:

  • know where you’re feeling the pain or discomfort
  • describe the symptoms you are facing
  • recognise the warning signs that trigger your condition

2. You have options

You should always remember that you have options when in comes to medical relief.

If you choose to decline a chiropractor’s services, they should not force you to pick them, whatever the reason is.

Different chiropractors also offer different treatments and complementary services. Your choice should be a chiropractic clinic that can address your issues while respecting your decisions and needs.

3. No forced commitment

No chiropractor should force you to do a chiropractic adjustment if you choose not to.

Furthermore, a good chiropractor will always provide you with short term treatment plans if you are unsure of anything long term.

The goal is to work with the patient, not against their will!

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4. A Chiropractor works with you

Whatever your concern may be, good healthcare providers should work on it with you. They should not force any treatments that does not work towards your goal.

You need to be able to communicate your needs comfortably with your medical provider. A good chiropractor will also be able to assuage your concerns and questions.

You should be able to have input on your treatment plan and any subsequent preventive care programs as well.

5. Experience is always better

Find a good chiropractic clinic with experienced chiropractors that have been accredited by the relevant authorities.

At Elite Spine’s chiropractic office, our chiropractor team boasts registered members of the Alliance of Chiropractic (AOC) Singapore, the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) UK and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) USA.

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6. A good Chiropractor knows their limits.

Chiropractors’ area of expertise usually covers nervous and musculoskeletal issues.

If your health problem is caused by an underlying issue related to the musculoskeletal or nervous system, then chiropractic care might just be what you need!

Chiropractic care can also help manage pain and symptoms associated with an underlying illness (like diabetes), but it does not cure those medical conditions by any means.

Some chiropractors might not be willing to admit that. So watch out for that!

Most chiropractors will refer you to the relevant health care professional or medical doctors for further care in order for you to obtain better health.

7. Read the reviews

Most patients will definitely share their stories if the chiropractic offices are producing positive results with every subsequent visit.

A good healthcare provider will be sure to have chiropractic patients talking about:

  • the chiropractic treatment plan that the doctor had them on
  • the benefits of having gone there.

Basically, look for detailed responses instead of general comments.

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8. You should observe results

Firstly, there is the misconception that patients’ problems can be completely treated in just a few weeks or a few days.

Unfortunately, most problems stem from the accumulation of what we have done in the past. We won’t usually think about it until the symptoms start to show up, which only then prompts us to take action as our bodies just can’t take it any longer.

While some patients report relief from the very first session, consistent care and practice will yield more obvious and long-term results.

In the healing hands of the right chiropractor, you should be able to feel comfortable and observe good results, like a better range of motion or reduced pain.

9. Honesty is a priority

You’ve put so much effort into researching how to find a good chiropractor. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be blindsided, especially when it comes to your personal well-being and health!

Many chiropractors will be honest off the bat if they do not think that chiropractic care will help you. Your needs are the priority. A great chiropractor will even help you find options that would fit your budget.

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10. Research as much as you can

The key to finding a reputable and qualified chiropractor’s office is doing your research!

Ask your loved ones if they have gone to chiropractic clinics for any chiropractic services and whether they’ve seen any significant improvement.

Read the reviews of the clinics you’re interested in. If a claim seems impossible, it may be too good to be true!


Customise Your Health Journey With Elite Spine Centre’s Functional Correction Method

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