Meet Dr. Fraser Montgomery (Chiropractic, New Zealand)*

Dr Fraser

He is a NZ board certified chiropractor and a member of the Alliance of Chiropractic (AOC) Singapore. He Graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and practised in NZ before making the move to Singapore. For the past 5+ years, he has brought his knowledge and desire to help others achieve greater function and levels of health through chiropractic care here to Singapore.

He was raised in New Zealand, coming from a line of skilled healthcare providers, and is looking to continue that legacy in the field of chiropractic. He received chiropractic care, along with his entire family, from a young age and has grown up experiencing the benefits as a competitive sportsman…playing a lot of rugby, surfing and surf lifesaving up to a national level.

His goals in chiropractic are helping people lead healthier, pain-free lives while maximising patient wellbeing, functionality, and overall health through the use of focussed chiropractic care. He also aims to stay up on the latest research and constantly upskilling his techniques to deliver the best care possible.

He has seen patients from nearly all walks of life: from paediatrics to geriatrics, from elite athletes to the weekend wanderers and the disabled. This experience has helped him expand his knowledge and skillset, building a wide scope of expertise in the process.

When not at work our chiropractor enjoys travelling, surfing, staying active, reading, good music and finding the best coffee this country has to offer.

We are excited to have him on-board at Elite Spine, as he shares our vision of helping people optimise their health and wellbeing through skilled chiropractic care, and offering the best service possible.

*Chiropractic is a non-medical/non-dental degree